Content Cloud™ takes the stress out of commissioning, creating and measuring high-quality content. The only content marketing platform developed by an award-winning content marketing agency.

What is Content Cloud?


WE KNOW CONTENT            

  • Content Cloud is designed to help any organisation find and commission great content – and for content creators to locate more and better opportunities for work.
  • From blogs to features, editing executive reports to video interviews, our database of expert content creators can meet any brief, at any time.
  • Content Cloud is the only content marketing platform developed by an award-winning agency, Progressive Content. We work with some of the world’s most demanding brands to produce highly engaging content across every medium – so we know what it takes to find and work with the best creative minds in the business.
  • Progressive Content is part of Progressive Media Group, which counts 80% of the Fortune 500 as clients and reaches more than three million people every month with a portfolio of websites, magazines and information services.


  • Content Cloud is designed to solve the most time-consuming and expensive problems for marketers and content managers: finding, evaluating, commissioning and paying writers, editors, photographers and illustrators.
  • We know that when it comes to content, quality counts. Content Cloud automatically finds the perfect content creator from our network of more than 1,000 vetted professionals – experienced specialists covering 100 sectors.
  • Content Cloud tracks and analyses trending subjects to help you deliver topical output or craft buzzworthy campaigns. Our Ideas Board is a showcase for creative pitches filtered by sector, medium or creator.
  • Save time and keep track of multiple projects with intuitive commissioning tools and workflow management. Improve search engine optimisation and check for plagiarism.
  • Sophisticated analytics* ensure you can track key metrics and prove the reach, impact and return on investment of your content.

* Subject to CMS compatibility


  • Companies need content – which means they need your skills in writing, editing, photography, illustration and much more. Content Cloud is the marketplace where they can explain what they need – and find creatives who can help.
  • Upload your portfolio and describe your expertise; our vetting process gives clients the confidence to commission you for work that they know you’ll be able to deliver.
  • Agree a fee, meet the brief – and Content Cloud guarantees payment 30 days after your work is accepted. Our model minimises payment and cashflow headaches for both client and freelancer.
  • Pitch your ideas on the Content Cloud Ideas Board – reaching a range of potential clients beyond even the most impressive contacts book.

20p of every £1 spent on marketing is used in content marketing

1 TNS and CMA State of the Nation Report, April 2014

We have specialists in over 100 sectors

  • Agriculture


    • Farming

    • Supply Chain

    • Equipment

  • Banking & finance
  • Business management

    Business management

    • Finance

    • Recruitment

    • Management

    • Procurement

    • Strategy

  • Catering & hospitality

    Catering & hospitality

    • Foodservice

    • Hotels & Restaurants

    • Entertainment

    • Hospitality & Events

  • Construction


    • Infrastructure & Building

    • Equipment

    • Building Services

    • Planning

    • Materials

  • Defence


    • Land

    • Air

    • Naval

    • Security

    • Unmanned

  • Design


    • Architecture & Design

    • Interior Design

    • Automotive

    • Graphic

    • Product

  • Energy


    • Oil & Gas

    • Renewables

    • Nuclear

    • Mining

  • Health


    • Medical

    • Pharma

    • Healthcare

    • BioTech

    • Devices

  • Legal


    • Corporate

    • Intellectual Property

    • Criminal

    • Family & Personal

    • Property

  • Manufacturing


    • Manufacturing

    • Converting

    • Engineering

    • Print & Packaging

  • Media


    • Advertising & Marketing

    • Broadcast

    • Digital

    • Print

  • Public sector

    Public sector

    • Education

    • Economics

    • Housing

    • Politics

    • Crime

  • Technology


    • ICT

    • Robotics

    • Telecomms

    • Software

    • Hardware

  • Transport


    • Aerospace & Aviation

    • Road

    • Rail

    • Infrastructure

    • Freight & Haulage

60% of buying decisions are investigated and evaluated before contact with the seller

2 SiriusDecisions/Harvard Business Review, July 2012

How can we help you?

To dig a little deeper into exactly how Content Cloud can transform your content marketing, pick a content journey

80% of B2B purchasers say content has a major impact on vendor selection

3 CMO Council 2013


Regardless of the sector you work in, Content Cloud’s extensive database of specialist content creators can deliver the words and images that you need to tell your story. And with automated plagiarism and SEO checks, the content will work for you and your business, every time.

  • Seek inspiration from the ideas board and social media trending tools.
  • Connect with a huge database of content creators.
  • However niche your sector, we have the specialist for you.
  • Find a writer, photographer, illustrator or video producer.
  • All content automatically checked for search engine optimisation.
  • All writing automatically checked for plagiarism.
  • Powerful analytics to measure reach, engagement and return on investment of online content.


Getting started as a client on Content Cloud is quick and easy. Watch our definitive guide to effective content.

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Our service is totally free of charge for all content creators.

To see how Content Cloud can help you find work, click here and complete your profile.

I am a  Writer  Photographer n Illustrator n Editor  Researcher

  • Connect with a huge database of potential clients.
  • Pitch your ideas, bid for work in the marketplace or receive direct commissions.
  • However niche your sector, there could be work for you.
  • Make sure your writing is search-optimised every time.
  • Get paid on time, every time for the work you create.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest social media keywords.
  • Get rated by clients for effectiveness and delivery.


Whether you are a writer, photographer or illustrator, being part of the Content Cloud creative community means you get paid for your contributions, on time and every time.

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Annual licences available from £9,000

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